State of Texas healthcare initiatives.


Governor Greg Abbott

Dr. Carlos Vital met with Texas Governor Gregg Abbott to discuss ways to support the State of Texas healthcare initiatives. Other issues discussed include the tax environment for small businesses, including physicians in private practice, and the promotion of advances in science, technology, mathematics, and education, including early education, to ensure the success of all Texans. Vital Allergy & Asthma Center is very appreciative that Governor Greg Abbott supports the physicians of Texas.

We are proud to to know that¬†Governor Gregg Abbott supports our state’s health care and open to our Texas medical communities solutions and initiatives for a better future in the health care services, business and development.

The state of Texas faces health system challenges each and every day but thanks to our representatives, active advocates from the local councils to the state legislators; those challenges can be heard, proposed and perhaps improved in order to make them into actions and Governor Gregg Abbott is part of that support system that makes a difference each and every day.